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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Emmys "Rock" to a "Soprano" Tune

So, here’s my new blog which will cover both the Emmy and Oscar races as well as my own personal awards for TV and Film. With the 59th Emmys Awards a few months behind us I thought it would be a good idea to start this blog by looking back at the best and worst moments of the night. The big winners were The Sopranos which won its second outstanding drama series trophy for its final season and 30 Rock which won outstanding comedy series for its first year on the screen.
Terry O'Quinn winning was probably the highlight of the night for me, he's one of the best characters on TV and makes a category that has a very strong list of past winners even stronger.

James Spader, another case of the best tape prevailing. He didn't need screen time, he didn't need buzz, he didn't need the overdue factor he just needed to be great and he was.

Sally Field was another great surprise although I wouldn't have minded her losing as much as the others.

The Sopranos winning drama series, I probably would have voted Boston Legal but this season was very impressive and makes for a winner that isn't in the least embarrassing (like Grey's Anatomy or House would have been).

30 Rock winning comedy series. This should have been The Office's but it's a very good show and one of the better winners of the decade.
Ricky Gervais winning comedy actor. I love Carell a bit more (have to see his submission to see if he was robbed) but out of the others Gervais had the best tape and he is amazing as was Stewart, Colbert and Carell's antics afterwards.
Jeremy Piven, he won last year so his win didn't make me estatic but it was well deserved.

The Office writing win (however they couldn't really go wrong with all 5 nominees being great)

The Ugly Betty wins weren’t really that bad but I don't really like the show and Parker should have won actress plus nothing should have beaten the [Scrubs] musical for direction.
Kennedy and Heidi had an amazingly directed opening scene however the episode in it's entirety wasn't as good as Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Friday Night Lights or Studio 60’s nominated episodes, so it was a poor choice for best direction in a drama. I haven’t seen the Sopranos final yet but I was disappointed Battlestar Galactica missed out on writing in a drama.

No one should have beaten Jenna Fischer (there isn't another supporting actress on comedy TV that's in her league) add to that I don't like My Name is Earl or Jamie Pressly.
Heigel is the worst actress of all the nominees in this category and had the worst tape in the category (which I found weak to begin with). This win is close to inexplicable.
Colbert losing again, that's so ridiculous (you think they'd have learnt from last years Manilow-Gate) but at least he was a good sport and had (the winner) Tony Bennett on his show.

The Stage (I lost count as to how many winners / presenters complained about it?) and Ryan Seacrest, I thought he said he wasn't going to try to be funny, well he tried and failed.

Overall it was a good night (for winners not the show itself), but like every year could have been better.
For the record, I predicted correctely: Writing Drama (Sopranos "Made in America"), Directing Comedy (Ugly Betty "Pilot"), Supporting Actor Drama (O'Quinn), Supporting Actor Comedy (Piven), Lead Actor Drama (Spader) and Lead Actress Comedy (Fererra)
giving me 6/14 in the series categories

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