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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Emmys go "Mad" but still "Rock"


Zeiljko Ivanek was the highlight for me, not only did I predict him but he had the best tape and helps the Best Supporting Actor in a Drama retsain its mantle as most impressive category at the Emmys. His costar Glenn Close gave one of the best performances on television this year, she was chilling playing Patty Hewes. She was the firm frountrunner and deserved to be.

Pushing Daisies was criminally snubbed in comedy series but easily won an incredibally well deserved directing trophy.

Mad Men and Boston Legal were the best drama had to offer this year so as long as one of those took it out I was happy (to be honest Damages or Lost winning I would have been fairly happy with as well. Mad Men’s win wasn’t an upset but was very well deserved. It’s writing win was also very well deserved (even for a script that was 7 years old).

Without the Friel in the mix and Parker submitting an average tape Fey deserved to win here and she was able to. One of the great comedic performances on television here.


Without January Jones, Yunjin Kim, Chi McBride or Jack McBrayer, supporting actress in a drama and supprting actor in a comedy were underwhealming categories but Wiest and Piven had the best tapes and deserved to beat out the weak field.

Spader had an incredibal tape which should have earnt him a 4th statue. Hamm and Laurie also had strong submissions but Cranston was a worthy winner for his great transformative performance in Breaking Bad.
Without Pushing Daisies (which should have won) there was a hole in comedy series. The Office and 30 Rock though were both good with the Office being a bit weaker than it’s previous season and 30


Baldwin was great in his tape and he’s the best thing about 30 Rock. But Carell was so good in Goodbye Toby (one of the best tapes of any category submitted) the trophy should have gone to him.


Cooter was not even 30 Rock’s strongest episode nominated. Fey is a great writer but here the writing was uneven. Pushing Daisies should have won or any of the other nominiees before Cooter.

Chenoweth should have easily won this category but unfortunatly Smart took it home. Nothing aginst Smart, she should have won for 24 and I like her in Samantha Who? But her win was one for mediocrity.
The hosts and the embrace of reality TV, which did nothing to improve ratings or sustain the dignity of the awards.

Overall it was a very good year for the Emmys. I was able to correctly predict 7/14 of the top awards for 50% success rate.

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