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Thursday, July 23, 2009

2009 Emmy Nomination Reactions: Comedy, Part 2

The conclusion of my look at the comedy nominations (lead acting and series):


Abe Fried-Tanzer said...

Great analysis on everything. I agree with all of your thoughts on Best Comedy Actor, especially about Tony Shalhoub and Charlie Sheen, though I have one grievance: I do think that David Duchovny should be here. You're spot on with Sarah Silverman, though I'm more upset about the snubs of Amy Poehler, Billie Piper, and even America Ferrera than Anna Friel. I see that you really liked "The Office" this year, but I think that both "How I Met Your Mother" and "Weeds" pose serious threats to incumbent "30 Rock" repeating again. "Weeds," as you say, is something the Emmys haven't really had before, especially recently, in this category, and since it got in maybe it will go the distance. I think I may put more faith in "How I Met Your Mother," which I never particularly liked but have enjoyed far more than I expected as I've been watching several of the submitted episodes. I think it's the kind of show that used to win this award, like "Friends" or a less sophisticated "Frasier." I've never loved it, but I think it may win this year.

Noble said...

Thanks Abe Fried-Tanzer.

I just havn't found Californication (or Duchovney) funny or good. But I udersatnd they have their fans. I guess it is s a love it or hate it kind of show.

I havn't seen Parks & Rec yet and never was a fan of Betty (although I'm ok with her season 1 win). Although I don't like Call Girl I thought Piper gave a great performance so also would have liked to see her included.

With comedy series I am finding it hard to see anything beat 30 Rock, the academy just seem to love it with its 22 nods. I really think Office with it's great tapes, strong season and past emmy win poses the greatest threat. However there is an interesting case I could make for Conchords. I'm not sure how easy the Weeds episodes will be to digest (and they didn't pick their best anyway). Mother could win if they wanted to go the more traditional route as you say but I think the emmys may be past that.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback and comments, hopefully I'll have my drama reactions up sometime in the not too distant future.

BenitoDelicias said...

nice videos...the love for Philly is more than enough to keep coming back...you're right they should've been here...

Noble said...

Thanks BenitoDelicias,
Yeah Philly was a better show alot of the nominated fare. In particular their season final "Nightman Commeth" should be up for writing and directing and Charlie Day should have been in before any of the nominated supporting actors. Kaitlin Olson should be there as well.

That being said I didn't expect it to get anything.