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Friday, July 31, 2009

2009 Emmy Nomination Reactions: Drama, Part 1

Finally my drama reactions.

Due to living in Australia many of the nominated seasons here have not reached me yet, so my commentry is less informed. Apologies.

Also sorry for my voice, I had a sore throat when recording this.

Here I look at the writing, directing and supporting acting categories for Drama.


Abe Fried-Tanzer said...

Your point about Alison Pill not being nominated because she's unknown is valid, but I must say that Hope Davis absolutely deserved her nomination. I would have swapped Wiest out for Pill because Davis absolutely deserves her slot. Just wait until you get to season two. Davis' submission, unfortunately, is her worst episode, and she probably won't do it.

Byrne is guilty of enormous category fraud, and I also think she's a terrible actress. I know we don't agree on certain shows ("Boston Legal," for instance), but she should not be here. I actually really don't like the supporting actress category. Like you, I agree that the "Grey's" ladies shouldn't be here, and I don't think that Jones deserves it either. Keep Davis (my choice to win out of a completely separately list), but that's it.

I don't agree on Hurt, and I'm past Shatner and Clemenson, but otherwise, this list is pretty good. But what about John Mahoney? It's just like Blair Underwood being snubbed last year, which I'm sure you've discovered was a huge omission. Also, keep in mind that Shatner submitted the two-part series finale, which I know you loved. Clemenson also submitted well, with the "Roe" episode where he defended himself in court. He could very well win, but I think Aaron Paul will take it. Paul will probably blow you away, but Slattery's submission was better last year, and if he didn't win last year, he won't win this year.

Noble said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Davis is one of the more deserving contenders. However her inclusion does make Pill's absence a little more obvious. Can't wait to see them all in season 2. Yeah supporting actress is a fairly uninspired category.

I don't think I would nominate Hurt based on what I've seen so far but I don't think he seems out of place at the same time. I loved the Boston Legal series final, no doubt, and Shatner is fine in it. But I loved it primarily for the writing, directing and Spader's performance. I can't wait to get stuck into Breaking Bad. Yeah Blair Underwood probably should have gotten a nomination last year, he's amazing, but I don't know who I'd swap out as I thought all the noms last year were great (perhaps Shatner?).